Lapland's Birch Ash


In recent decades the trace element contents of fields have shrunk dramatically. It can be seen as allergies and illnesses in both humans and animals. In the old days ash was included in people's diets as it came with bread. What is now in our bread? It's baked from nutrient poor grains and full of preservation additives. The human body will end up lacking trace elements and minerals. Birch ash contains 40-60 trace elements and minerals. The body can choose what it needs or is lacking. You only need small amounts of ash. That is because the minerals and trace elements in ash are an exact match to the body's needs.

Packing: 20 g  sachet 

Ingredients: Birch ash form Lapland (Betula czerepanovii / B. pubescens / B. pendula) 

VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland) research 18.12.2007 (VTT -S-10441-07): Our Lapland's Birch Ash contains 79 different trace elements and minerals. Magnesium, potassium, manganese and calcium contents are high. (2,2 %-26%)

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