Ghosts and Spirits - The Truth Uncovered E-book


Is your home haunted? Does it have a restless atmosphere? Are you a sensitive person who is strained by the invisible world? Have you lost a loved one to an accidental or violent death or suicide?

From this book you can find out how to help earthbound spirits and learn the real problem with restless houses or other buildings that are considered scary. With the help from this book, you can do supersensory examinations of situations like these and, most importantly, fix the existing disturbances. It is quite extraordinary that restless houses can be calmed so that normal life can be restored to a home or peace can settle into and around a building.

The book provides over 80 examples with descriptions of the general spiritual nature of things and explanations of why sensitive people can tire from the presence of spirits or become irritable by the energies related to ghosts. Thus, the book offers a deeper glimpse, a peek to the other side of the curtain, especially into the world of spirits, ghosts and the deceased.

However, there is no reason to be afraid of spirits, ghosts and the deceased, because almost every situation has, in the end, a natural explanation. With the explanations provided in this book, you can also get a better understanding of how the situations were corrected by supersensory, spiritual efforts. You will also gain more knowledge of the eternal laws working in the invisible world.

T.H. Lindholm holds a master’s degree in Health Science and worked in different areas of healthcare for 15 years, before turning to solve the mysteries of the invisible world and to help everyone in need or having been strained by spiritual matters, of which she has 20 years of experience.

The spiritual road is always open to every sincere seeker. Therefore, the book is also an invitation to start working in the area of spiritual help to every sensitive reader who wants to do something for a better world or who hears this call in their hearts.

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