Information about us

Get to know our company, which was born from the visionary thinking of Esko Jalkanen, forester, commercial gardener and mystic. A strong connection with nature and a deep understanding of its hidden treasures inspired Esko Jalka to create products that would utilize the power of nature and bring its benefits to the world. Our company's operations are driven by a passionate desire to preserve the untouched beauty of Finnish nature and share its unique resources.

Our company's philosophy is based on the belief that nature holds the keys to optimal well-being. We make each product by hand in small batches, paying attention to details and preserving the integrity of the raw materials.

At the core of our brand is a deep respect for the environment and its inhabitants. We source our raw materials sustainably, choosing the finest plant-based ingredients that thrive in our climate. These natural ingredients are then transformed into high-quality products that reflect nature's purity and efficiency.

Embrace the spirit of the forest and experience the power of nature's ability to transform through our exceptional products.

Do you want to find the power of nature in your life?